Alumni & EVents

We want to help you stay connected with your delegation and the larger Berzelius alumni network. Every year, all alumni are invited to four events - the Football Dinner, NYC Yale Club Dinner, Freeman Speaker Series, and Initiation Dinner. If you're unable to attend an event, you can stay connected via our email list, Facebook group and LinkedIn group. We hope you will actively participate!


2018-2019 Event Calendar

Football Dinner - November 9, 2018


NYC Yale Club Dinner - January 23, 2019


Freeman Speaker Series - March 3, 2019


Initiation Dinner - April 28, 2019

Join Our Email LIst


Our email list has become our primary form of communication with alumni. We email the introduction to the delegation pamphlet, invitations to events, our bi-annual newsletter, and details about the annual fund. If you were in a delegation pre-2002, we are still missing a number of personal email addresses. If you aren't getting our emails, send us an email, and we'll be sure to add you to the list.

Join Our Facebook Group

Our Facebook Group is a "secret group," which means that it cannot be found via the search bar on Facebook. Instead, you need to be invited by someone who is currently a member of the group. If you don't know anyone in the group, add Jons Jacob Berzelius as a "friend", which is managed by the Board, and we will add you to the group. Currently, the group has more than 280 members.

Join Our Linkedin GrouP

Berzelius alumni are leaders in medicine, law, finance, media, academia and the arts. We've created a LinkedIn group to help you connect with other Berzelius alumni. Whether you are looking for perspective on attending a particular graduate school or looking to change careers, Berzelius alumni are a great resource. The group is "unlisted" - similar to the "secret" Facebook group - so send us an email, and we'll send you an invitation to join.


Request Alumni Directory INFO

If you'd like to access to the Alumni Directory to find, for example, all alumni living in the Bay Area or NYC, we'd be happy to provide you with the information or share the directory with you directly. Please keep us abreast of any changes to your home address and email address by sending us an email.